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LG V10 Unique but No Chances for Survival

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Similar to LG G4, available in 24K Gold 

The beauty of LG mobile series is the constant research on how one can take the mobile technology to the next level.

 LG V10 is the new horse of the game that is attracting people with the second screen, stainless steel rims, and rubber packages!

Design and Looks:

Unlike other phones, the exterior of LG V10 is not a metal. The frame is made up of metal with Dura Guard Silicon back. This means the back cover is removable and has a rubber-like bumpy structure complimented with scratch-resistant and easy-to-grip qualities. 

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For adding a unique style, LG V10 has divided the cover into square type grids. Look wise, LG must have done more research since smartphones today are judged from design, style, and functionality. It has a stainless steel frame and ranks on the durability features. On the back, it has a finger point powerful sensor, around the camera, and volume controls.

Screen and Features:

Now comes, the second screen that will show you time, weather, and the date and battery specifications. It hides on the screen top behind the primary screen and is seamless. All the notifications will pop-up in the second screen instead of the main one. 

To be frank, it goes a step beyond as how to manage notification away from the regular functions. But, it is more useful for the one who makes use of notification randomly or doesn’t need segregation.

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A Quick Thought:

With almost the same specification as that of LG G4, LG V10 does not score wonders. It features Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, 4GB memory, 16 MP camera, and 192g weight. 

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Moreover, Karalux, a Vietnam based company is taking orders for making the steel 24K gold plated. To sum up, its camera mode and design look unique but not something that every buyer would love to buy!

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