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At present there are billions of cellular phones in use throughout the world. Technology has been rapidly advancing. Mobile phone companies have been continuously experimenting with the technologies to launch a varying experience for users in the market. Mobile phones have replaced watches, radios, cameras and various other gadgets. Multi-use of mobiles has also made them prone to physical damage because of moisture or scratches. Users are left with no other option than replacing their devices due to lack of expert technicians.

This has made it very important to have an understanding of various hardware and software related technology. One cannot take chances when it comes to resolving problems related with their expensive gadgets. Extensive knowledge to diagnose core problems is required. With the modernization of thinking and improved adaptability of internet various online courses or classroom training in the field of mobile repairing is available for cellular phone and laptop repairs.

Today mobile phones are not restricted to just communication but a means for navigation of data. Any loss of data can be extremely problematic for the users. Cell phone technician services help in recovery of data which is valuable to the users. Online technicians can also train users or guide them to solve minor mobile set issues.

It is inevitable that a user will not require repair service. The limits of cell phone and mobile repairing have been witnessing an upward trend. This has led to creation of career paths. Demand for well-trained individuals who can detect and fix the problem is at high. With such high demands and mobile repairing needs Companies are always on a look out for institutions providing high quality, practical based and job oriented training courses to students.

Study of mobile technology has many advantages. Knowing technology used behind repairing cell phones of various brands can be helpful. One can easily set up a mobile repairing or a laptop repairing business with very low costs involved. Mobile repairing courses are efficient use of time. It is because within less than 6 months a student can learn repairing the widely used mobile phones. The most important part is that mobile repairing training gives the same advantage as any other degree course. These courses are job-oriented that provide hands on practical training that is quite similar to the industry set up. The course fee is also quite affordable with various installment payment options.

All you require is to enrol yourself in a mobile repair training programme with a prestigious institution. However before investing your hard earned money, it is wise to see the future benefits of the cell phone repairing training that one will obtain. These institutes provide you with an all-round hardware and software repair learning. They offer programs which are focused, detailed and practical based. You can apply at some big wireless telecommunications provider where you can provide online or on site cell phone repair services. You can also set up and expand your cellular repair business and expand into untouched market to rise above.

ABC Mobile Repairing Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi has always been a guiding force for students. It has always thrived to provide a platform where students can grow […]

ABC Mobile Repairing Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi provides a Quality Training to students where they can experience professional and personal growth through on the job training. Courses […]

ABC Mobile Repairing Institute in Laxmi Nagar , Delhi takes complete pride in providing 100% Placement Records assistance to students taking courses in their Institute. Once the student completes […]

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ABC Mobile Institute of Technology is an all-round high tech mobile repairing institute based in Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

How Laptop Courses Can Help Your Business

 Laptop Repairing Course

Hi tech institute is the India’s one of the trustworthy and the best Laptop Repairing Institute for contribution bright training. Here the apprentice begin from the essential to advanced level repairing of laptop and tablets. The skillful course of laptop repairing is ready within the simple language in order that scholars from any instructive background will take admission in these laptop repairing courses as well as look for out how to repair laptop gadgets.

In laptop repairing institute professor aids apprentice as well as tech how may they look for an issue in chip level laptop gadgets as well as present laptop repairing solutions.

There are abundance number of industrial training institutes that claim to educate you how to fix or repair your tablets and laptops. But when you create sure the training center the best, if you get that they don’t give good training to the apprentices about laptop. Consequently you have to monitor the institute like they are contribution proper information about laptop repairing.

Laptop repairing course is one of the capable courses and training that will help you to grow to be laptop expert engineer. Now the second obsession which might come in your brain like what will be the cost of laptop repairing training and course.

Laptop repairing course fees is not so superior, it is very sensibly priced. Anyone may do this career leaning training course at cheap price as well as the trainee may obtain holistic information about laptop repairing training.

Monday, 19 September 2016

7 best Android mobile Phones to buy under 20,000

It is very easy to buy a smart phone or android phone. They come in many different ranges. If you even want to purchase a mobile phone costing Rs. 5000, which is even possible today. This states that the range of mobile android phones ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 50,000 approximately (may be even more than that). Getting an android phone is very easy now in the range that you have.

If you are capable enough to buy an expensive phone, like in the range of Rs.20, 000, then here is the list of 7 best android mobile phones. The following list specifies the phones which you can buy under the range of Rs.20, 000.

Looking at so many options in the market, you might be getting confused. Thinking which mobile android phone to buy? It must be a difficult task for you to make the best choice among many. So read the article further and know about latest android phones that range under Rs. 20,000:

Lenovo Vibe X3:


With the launch of Lenovo X3, the company has filled up the gaps. Earlier, Lenovo has given phones that ranged maximum upto Rs. 15,000. But now onwards, with the launch of Lenovo Vibe X3, it has spread over the market. Coming with new beautiful and premium designs. It covers all the excellent features of a flagship phone and has a powerful performance. You will have a great multimedia experience. It is the best phone under Rs.20, 000.

Oppo F1s:


After the Oppo F1 plus, Oppo has launched another new phone and that is Oppo F1s. It has a famous tag attached to it- “Selfie Expert”. It is a great package of smart phone, camera and will give you a brilliant experience. This can be a choice of benefit to you. This is a device with premium model and features. Look forward to it and include it I your list of mobile phones to be chosen.

Vivo V3 Max:


This is the most recently launched smart phone from the company in the Indian market. Vivo, as a brand, stands at no.5 position in the manufacturer list of mobile phones throughout the world. That is the main reason why everybody keeps high expectations with this phone. To maintain such a brand name and quality is utmost valuable. Building a name can be easy but maintaining can be hard. Vivo has done its best. Overall, it comes as a package of good phone and good experience.

One Plus 2 (16 GB):


OnePlus Company is one of the companies which have millions of fans all over the world. The company has launched its second phone now in 2016 i.e. Flagship Killer OnePlus2. The OnePlus2 phone delivers you everything at one go. It is a brilliant phone. It is not only powerful, but captures all the features of the every successful phone. You can blindly choose this phone if you are trying to buy the best among many.

Gionee S6s:


Gionee has recently launched its new Selfie smart phone i.e. Gionee S6s in India. it gives a decent battery back-up. It comes with a good design and good Selfie camera. Although, if we focus on this phone and gets it into competition with other phones, most phones are more or less are better than this phone. But still to conclude, this is a nice smart phone and you can buy it and make your choice.

Moto X Play


Motorola has now understood the market very well. They know what stuff to exactly manufacture so that they can earn good profits. They now are aware of the preferences in the Indian market. This phone is again a good package with user-friendly experience and minimum downsides. If you need something t make use in your daily usage, this is a good choice. This phone offers you a delight in case you are a camera lover.

HTC Desire 830


The company HTC has recently launched its new phone in the Desire series.  The phone is fitted with full HD display with effective quality. It is again a nice choice if you are thinking to buy this phone. this range under Rs. 20,000 and can be a nice decision. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

New Mobile Phones to Launch in 2017

Mobile Phones to Launch in 2017

Smart phones, android phones, and mobile devices have taken all over the market. Every new day, we experience a new technology coming our way. In fact, companies compete their own products. Mobile phone companies try to bring best and new in their devices. 

They believe in innovating new and better operating systems that help in better functioning of the phone.
Making the phone lighten in weight, sleek in size, affordable, and keeping the price range as minimal- is their sole objective. This is done to increase their sales and then their profit ratio. Becoming the top most company is the dream of every mobile phone.

This is present and think of the future. Let us increase our knowledge and know about some mobile devices that are expected to launch in 2017. They are listed as:

·       Samsung galaxy S8:


       After the launch of Samsung galaxy S7 edge, the development team of Samsung is thinking to launch another masterpiece that will heat up the market of mobile phones. It is expected that Samsung will be launching Samsung Galaxy S8 in the coming year ahead that is in the year 2017. Many people must be waiting for this mobile phone to enter the market. So all Samsung lovers, wait for another year. Magic is coming.

·        Apple iPhone 7S and 7s plus: 


       If Samsung is launching a phone beating its own devices, how can Apple iPhone stay behind. In the next year 2017, Apple company is tightening their seat belts to launch Apple iPhone 7s and 7S plus. We can expect something unexpected and an innovation. The device is full of new features.

·        LG G6:

       After the launch of G5, and earning a good profit, they are launching LG G6 in 2017 February or March.  They mainly focus on the cameras of their devices like G4 and G5. We would be getting awesome design quality and better camera functions as always. Look forward to this option, it would be amazing.

·        HTC 11:

       This Company HTC is considered one of the biggest and branded companies which make quality smart phones. It is next to impossible their devices. But this time, they are going to bring out some unexpected changes in their devices. They would be focusing on the areas where they have not worked earlier. By August or September 2017, their new device HTC 11 will be launched.

·                Sony Experia X Series: 

        instead of continuing with the old Z Series, this time Sony Experia has changed their way to X Series. Sony is known for its camera, but this time the device Sony Experia X Series will come with more pixels (both front and back). Hope for more specifications which will be disclosed gradually with time.

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All mobile lovers, many new devices are coming to tempt you. Start saving your money and be the first one to get these mobile devices.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Quick steps that will help you to Replace a Damaged Screen of iPhone

Know How To Repair broken iphone Screen-

It has become a style status if you have an iPhone. It is very common to have a mobile phone but a bit rare to have an iPhone. It costs you too much. Also, repairing any of its part is costly too. If sometime, your iPhone falls off your hand, and its screen gets cracked. What will you do in such a situation? If you have a shattered iPhone screen in your hand, I must tell you; this is going to cost you much.

You need to save your money. You want your iPhone screen to be fine like earlier but hesitating in spending big amounts in its repairing. 

Want to save money by opting for some way of repairing shattered screen of your iPhone?

If your confident enough, and can repair damaged screen of your iPhone, do it yourself. So, if you are up for this attempt, give a try. I will help you in guiding for the same. I will tell you systematically how to do repairing of your iPhone.

Steps to be followed in repairing busted screen of your iPhone:

1. Switch off your iPhone:

The first thing you need to do is to power off your iPhone. This is so because before doing any repairing task in any of the mobile phone, you should switch-off the phone. This can be done by holding the press button for few seconds and selecting the option of power-off. When your iPhone is turned off, we can step the next stair.

2. Remove the display screen that is damaged:

You have two methods to follow in order to repair the damaged screen. To remove the damaged screen, you have two ways for removing the display. If you have damaged the bottom, then you may find it hard to get a seal with a suction cup. Slowly, remove the display screen which is damaged.

The two methods are:

3. Suction method
This method is suitable if you have the seal. Place the suction cup properly above the HOME button. Gently pull the screen towards you  holding the phone with your other hand. Apply a bit pressure. Once the display screen has dislodged from the device, pull it upwards and expose the cables connected to it.

4. Straight edge razor blade method:
If you do not get the seal, then you must apply this method in repairing your damaged screen of iPhone. For it, gently place the razor blade between the frame and the glass. Try to place the pry tool or a spudger in between. Work near the edges (especially the bottom edges). Pull it straight upwards but carefully.

Your iPhone is removed now. Gently remove the display panel by lifting the shield of Iphone. Assemble all the parts and cables. Lift the front digitizer and LCD assembly off the device.

Your iPhone damaged screen is now replaced.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Most common Hardware Problem which you face in Everyday Life

Common Hardware Problem and Solutions

We have been using computer devices and laptops on a large scale. You will be astonished to know some data facts which clearly reveal the dependency over laptop devices. Be it personal or professional, everybody seems to be dependent on laptops for their work. Laptops are of great importance which is in everybody’s use. Every second person sitting next to you would be using laptop.

Such usable gadget of 21st century, whenever stops functioning, calls for emergency. Emergency as in it requires immediate help and guidance. You feel being suffocated because all your valuable data) images, songs, videos, movies, official stuff) lies in that minimized gadget.

What happens when your laptop devices doesn't turn on at all?

In this article, we are trying to eradicate the most common hardware problem. We want to tell you the importance of laptop repairing. Generally, while starting the laptop, you realize that the laptop did not open. It creates trouble. You do not know how to troubleshoot the problem or repair it.  
It is quite similar to the situation when you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, the light does not turn on.
Even after pushing on the power button of your laptop, you observe that there is no change as such. You feel that your laptop is completely dead as it is not working. There is no sound, flashing of light. There is no indication of laptop being started up.

What can be the possible defaults or problems?

After consulting a laptop-repairing engineer, you will get to know the common hardware problems faced. These are the main reason why Laptop repairing is getting popular these days. Let us study some of the issues and their problems one by one:

Problem 1: May be the issue is not that serious, the way you are taking. It might also be the case that there has some major problem occurred in your laptop. Probably, the AC adapter has failed. It might be possible that battery is not charged and that is why it is not opening.

Solution: In this case, you should test the AC adapter with a voltmeter. And somewhere, if you feel that it is dead, then the only option left is to replace the older one with a new one.

Problem 2: Another reason that the laptop is not turning on, might be due to the failure of DC jack. If it fails, in that case the motherboard doesn’t receive any power from the adapter.

Solution: The only solution for this defect is to change the DC jack. The jack has to be replaced at once. Only then the problem can be solved.

Problem 3: In case, your motherboard fails, what will you do? It is the main nerve of a laptop.

Solution: In such a case, motherboard has to be replaced. And in case, you are financially sound plus your motherboard is not that expensive, I would suggest, this is the right time to purchase a new laptop.

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Hi-tech Mobile Repairing Course- The best way towards Mobile Technology.

The pace, with which today’s generation is moving and growing, is worth watching. There are many options available in market today. Students can opt any of them. According to me, the most prominent course running nowadays is Hi-Tech Mobile repairing course.

Mobile devices and mobile phones are used in high quantity. Sales in numbers are growing for mobile devices. Mobile repairing courses in Delhi are getting popular highly in the current time.

Courses for mobile repairing in Delhi are the best way to move towards Mobile technology. You can pursue a brilliant career. Your achievement will get a boom. Mobile technology is ever growing technology. This will prosper with the passing time. This is the time for mobile revolution. Mobile market has dominated the existing market. This is high time when you should make the best career choice among many.

Scope for mobile repairing course:

Everybody is holding a mobile phone in his hand. Dependency on mobile phones is increasing with the passage of time. When such usable electronic and modern gadgets stop functioning, they demand for the engineers who would repair these mobile phones. The rate of technological change and growth in the mobile market is varying. The challenging part for a student is to choose a course which offers them better career opportunities.

Students wish to adjoin with a course which promises them a better career. They wish to grow with the prevailing market standard. Courses of mobile repairing in Delhi is utmost important. They offer what other courses donot offer. You become a mobile repair engineer. It also gives you opportunity to interact with open market and the options available. Flexible timings, comfortable environment, trained faculty, and affordable fees are few reasons to join mobile repairing courses in Delhi.

Why Hi-Tech Mobile Repairing Course is valuable?

You must be looking for some initial point to begin from. What should be the specific platform? Searching for the best mobile repairing institute? Then you are at the right place. Hi-tech mobile repairing courses are the specified course. It opens many opportunities for you to pursue and be the master in this technology field. After doing courses like mobile repairing in Delhi, you can be an expert. You can also start good amount. You can compete the existing mobile engineers in the market.

Hi-Tech institute is known for its services. It is a brand name in itself. Getting a certification degree from this institute will bring prosperity in your way. Doing a mobile repairing course in Delhi will turn your fortune towards success. Hi-tech institute will help you in all your development and growth. Personality development classes are also held in which you are groomed properly.

Hi-Tech Institute promises whatever you are looking for. They promise 100% job placement and assistance. So hurry up! Join courses of mobile repairing and be the lucky star.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Simple Laptop Maintenance Tips To use it for Long Time

We have made ourselves very dependent on laptops. Without them, our work remains pending. With their so much of usage, their maintenance and repairing is a big issue. Maintaining a laptop and its related devices is a big concern. 

If anytime, you face a trouble in operating a laptop because it is not functioning well, call a laptop-repairing technician. He has taken profound experience and undergone practical sessions which have made him proficient to deal with any such issue of laptop. We should all maintain our laptop and lets its service done timely. Listed are the few points where you will learn how to maintain and repair a laptop:

1. Get its Service done Regularly:
The way you clean your home regularly and timely, it is also important to clean the junk in your laptop. After cleaning the house, you will relaxed and cozy. Likewise, your laptop after being cleaned by a laptop engineer, feels easy to work efficiently. If your laptop is overflowing with data and other files, it will create hanging issue.

2. Clear the Junk Timely:
Yes, it is true laptops are meant to store data likes excel sheets, word files, images, songs, videos and many other things. Be it personal or professional, laptops generally overflow with data. In such cases, laptop engineer works positively. They are trained in laptop repairing courses how to make laptops efficient in their working.

3. Keep your Laptop Safely:
It is important to place or land your laptop properly on soft areas. It should not be thrown on hard surfaces that might affect the laptop and its devices. In laptop repairing institutes, students are told about every small and valuable effect of laptops. Time vilifies the worth of a laptop but still its proper functioning depends on your maintenance.

4. Avoid Using Pen Drives Frequently:
Try to avoid use of pen drives frequently in your laptops. They transmit foreign viruses and hamper the functioning of your laptop. In worst cases, you lose your precious data stored. Laptop repairing technicians know how to recover the lost data. They are taught same in their laptop repairing courses.

5. Secure your laptop account with an anti-virus:
If any time, you have noticed that your system is functioning but at a low speed. This is the right time to check if your system has virus in it. This would hamper your work and make your system low. What a laptop repair engineer will do here? He will install an anti-virus in your laptop for the further security and safety of your data. That anti-virus will also delete the existing virus in the system.
You must have notices that the ultimate solution to all your problems related to laptops is only one i.e. laptop repair technicians. Who are they? They are students who joined laptop-repairing courses in Delhi from reputed laptop repairing institutes and have now become professionals. They can give medicine to repair every nerve of a laptop.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Laptop Repairing Course - Strategies for your Business

Laptop repairing course is one of the most prevalent and successfully running courses. There is no need to mention the advantages of this course. Students usually get worried what to do after laptop repairing course? They are generally encircled with these thoughts. They can start a business simply. You must be thinking if it is possible. Yes, we will make it easy for you. Read further. You will automatically know the strategies to follow in order to start a business.

Business set-up:
The first task is to plan the business and make necessary arrangements. In the course itself, you will be guided how to open your own business of mobile repair. Even the minute details are discussed and clearly taught regarding the subject matter. How to set up a business is secondary. The primary objective what business to set up. To me, laptop-repairing services will be best because it has high demand in market.


Get your business license:
After choosing the type of business, the next step is to get proper legal license to run your business of mobile repairing. Follow the steps easily and take the license. Visit nearby neighborhood government authority and apply for your business license and carry out all legal formalities. It should be done on priority. Without it, the business would not be legal and can be shut down anytime.
Plan your costing:

It is one of the most important factors in setting up a business. Cost involved or investment made in a business plays a vital role. Fortunately, setting up a laptop repairing business involves small investments. As an entrepreneur, you do not need to have big amounts in your bank. Sum of Rs 1-2 lacs will work to start a laptop repairing business.

Marketing and publicity:
Opening, starting, and now you are running a business successfully. But it is also important to do marketing. People around should know about such business. You need to gain popularity in order to increase your profit ratio. Indeed, you will create employment opportunities for technicians as well. When you are ready with your plan and started running your business, market your services through advertisements or newspaper articles.

Open or partnership:
If you feel that you cannot open your own business because you are short of funds. You can have partners and start a laptop repairing business in partnership. Hire any technician who will assist you in your work. It is necessary to expand your business. Number of people has opened small shops and businesses in partnership. Open yours too having a trusted friend or any relative in your contact.

The above-discussed points must be helpful in setting up a business of laptop repairing. Convey good knowledge to student and keep your promises. Your business will surely flourish. Make it a trend and be a trendsetter and not a trend follower. 

90 Days Mobile Repairing Training in Delhi with Affordable Fees

Hi-tech Institute is a brand name which offers mobile repairing course. The institute is ISO certified and is very well known for its courses and services. There are certain features which are unique to this institute. If you are searching for a good institute, contact Hi-Tech mobile repairing Institute and join at once mobile repairing course.


Is it possible that a mobile repairing course completes in 90 days?

If you are thinking if a mobile repairing course is completed within 90 days then you are absolutely right. Yes, this is possible. Hi-Tech Institute offers a mobile repairing course whose duration is maximum 90 days. It seems a very short time period to teach students. It is a short span where students are taught about how to repair different types of mobiles. Hi-Tech Institute has made it easy to become a mobile repair technician. By offering a course of 90 days, it is convenient for students to join. Hi-Tech Institute is a brand which when associates with your name, will do wonders. Getting a degree or certification from this institute will place you in a reputed company or MNC.

What are the benefits of 90 days mobile repairing course?

Mobile repairing course has multiple benefits. If I start counting the advantages of this course, the list would never end. This 90 days duration of the mobile repairing course is the biggest highlight of Hi-Tech Institute. No other institute offers such a small duration course with excellence and affordable fees. It is a short-term duration course. A student can easily join this 90 days mobile repairing course because he does not have to look up for his schedule. Plus, this will result him in his career making process. Generally, these courses extend to one-year minimum. This extensive course is of 90 days. Along with it, the institute ensures the course to be successful. You will definitely turn a mobile repair technician.

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Do not think too much. Just visit Hi-Tech Institute and join our 90 days duration mobile repairing course!
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