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What are the career options after completing 12th?

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Career options after completing 12th

During board exams, you will find a hub of students discussing the career options after completing the 12th class. The topic may start with one course on fashion designing to the other in physics honors! 

However, the fact remains the same that all of them want to associate with the industry that is constantly growing, have more job opportunities and a secure future. To know what the career options are after you pass the senior secondary exams, follow the blog.
What are the career options after completing 12th?
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Degree Courses:

Degree courses are quite common after 12th. Students pursue honors or bachelor degree into the preferred streams. This is something that has been happening since years because society has built the conservative thought of doing a course that is regular, having a deeper study and demands expertise in one field. Most common streams cover subjects on:

  1.       Languages  (English, Hindi, Foreign languages)
  2.       Humanities and social science
  3.       Management Study
  4.       Engineering (Mechanical, Electronics, Telecommunication, etc.
  5.      Business Administration   

 Diploma Courses:

Thanks to the changing perception of society, that welcomes diploma cum job-oriented diploma courses as well. Students today, care about gaining maximum knowledge about a field and not just the degree certificate. They go for short-term courses having flexibility and high earning job opportunities. Some of the popular diploma courses are:

·         Courses on Mobile Technology:

Practical, innovative and handsome perks – these are the features of courses on mobile technology. Students gain practical knowledge about handling, repairing and securing the mobile phones.


On completion of the course, anyone can join reputed mobile companies, service centers or initiate their own business.  

 ·         Computer Hardware & Networking

The hardware and networking courses mainly focus on internal/external and operations of the computer device. The hi-tech computer courses are MCSE, UNIX admin, CNE, red hat, MHA, etc. The computer experts are always welcome in the IT department of most of the firms whether big or small.

 ·         Part Time Language Courses:

Language courses are becoming popular day-by-day. There are short duration courses on languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, etc after which one can work as a translator, writer, trainer, and an interpreter.  

 ·      Diploma in Fine Arts:

All those who love being in the creative and artistic field a diploma in fine arts is the best course. There is also an option for a full-time degree course in the same. A student on course completion can work as an art consultant, creative director, illustrator, prop maker, etc.

 ·     Diploma in Laptop Repairing:

The laptop repair course – card and chip level helps in quick earnings and living a stable life. This professional course deals in various techniques and tricks of repairing the laptop as per modern technology. Unbelievably, laptop engineers can easily earn more than 50K per month by servicing laptops and their components.

Apart from above, there are several other professional and degree courses in the education sector but no course comes with success in hand. 

As Charles Schwab quotes, “A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm”, one has to work hard with a passion for being a real winner.

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