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Quick steps that will help you to Replace a Damaged Screen of iPhone

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Know How To Repair broken iPhone Screen-

It has become a style status if you have an iPhone. It is very common to have a mobile phone but a bit rare to have an iPhone. It costs you too much. Also, repairing any of its parts is costly too. If sometimes, your iPhone falls off your hand, and its screen gets cracked. What will you do in such a situation? If you have a shattered iPhone screen in your hand, I must tell you; this is going to cost you much.

You need to save your money. You want your iPhone screen to be fine like earlier but hesitating in spending big amounts in its repairing. 

Want to save money by opting for some the way of repairing shattered screen of your iPhone?

If you're confident enough and can repair damaged screen of your iPhone, do it yourself. So, if you are up for this attempt, give a try. I will help you in guiding for the same. I will tell you systematically how to do repairing of your iPhone.

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Steps to be followed in repairing busted screen of your iPhone:

1. Switch off your iPhone:

The first thing you need to do is to power off your iPhone. This is so because before doing any repairing task in any of the mobile phones, you should switch-off the phone. This can be done by holding the press button for a few seconds and selecting the option of power-off. When your iPhone is turned off, we can step the next stair.

2. Remove the display screen that is damaged:

You have two methods to follow in order to repair the damaged screen. To remove the damaged screen, you have two ways of removing the display. If you have damaged the bottom, then you may find it hard to get a seal with a suction cup. Slowly, remove the display screen which is damaged.

The two methods are:

3. Suction method
This method is suitable if you have the seal. Place the suction cup properly above the HOME button. Gently pull the screen towards you  holding the phone with your other hand. Apply a bit pressure. Once the display screen has dislodged from the device, pull it upwards and expose the cables connected to it.

4. Straight edge razor blade method:
If you do not get the seal, then you must apply this method in repairing your damaged screen of iPhone. For it, gently place the razor blade between the frame and the glass. Try to place the pry tool or a spudger in between. 

Work near the edges (especially the bottom edges). Pull it straight upwards but carefully.

Your iPhone is removed now. Gently remove the display panel by lifting the shield of iPhone. Assemble all the parts and cables. Lift the front digitizer and LCD assembly off the device.

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