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New Mobile Phones to Launch in 2017

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Mobile Phones to Launch in 2017

Smart phones, android phones, and mobile devices have taken all over the market. Every new day, we experience a new technology coming our way. In fact, companies compete their own products. Mobile phone companies try to bring best and new in their devices. 

They believe in innovating new and better operating systems that help in better functioning of the phone.
Making the phone lighten in weight, sleek in size, affordable, and keeping the price range as minimal- is their sole objective. This is done to increase their sales and then their profit ratio. Becoming the top most company is the dream of every mobile phone.

This is present and think of the future. Let us increase our knowledge and know about some mobile devices that are expected to launch in 2017. They are listed as:

·       Samsung galaxy S8:


       After the launch of Samsung galaxy S7 edge, the development team of Samsung is thinking to launch another masterpiece that will heat up the market of mobile phones. It is expected that Samsung will be launching Samsung Galaxy S8 in the coming year ahead that is in the year 2017. Many people must be waiting for this mobile phone to enter the market. So all Samsung lovers, wait for another year. Magic is coming.

·        Apple iPhone 7S and 7s plus: 


       If Samsung is launching a phone beating its own devices, how can Apple iPhone stay behind. In the next year 2017, Apple company is tightening their seat belts to launch Apple iPhone 7s and 7S plus. We can expect something unexpected and an innovation. The device is full of new features.

·        LG G6:

       After the launch of G5, and earning a good profit, they are launching LG G6 in 2017 February or March.  They mainly focus on the cameras of their devices like G4 and G5. We would be getting awesome design quality and better camera functions as always. Look forward to this option, it would be amazing.

·        HTC 11:

       This Company HTC is considered one of the biggest and branded companies which make quality smartphones. It is next to impossible their devices. But this time, they are going to bring out some unexpected changes in their devices. They would be focusing on the areas where they have not worked earlier. By August or September 2017, their new device HTC 11 will be launched.

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·                Sony Experia X Series: 

        instead of continuing with the old Z Series, this time Sony Experia has changed their way to X Series. Sony is known for its camera, but this time the device Sony Experia X Series will come with more pixels (both front and back). Hope for more specifications which will be disclosed gradually with time.

All mobile lovers, many new devices are coming to tempt you. Start saving your money and be the first one to get these mobile devices.

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