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Most common Hardware Problem which you face in Everyday Life!

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Common Hardware Problem and Solutions

We have been using computer devices and laptops on a large scale. You will be astonished to know some data facts which clearly reveal the dependency over laptop devices. Be it personal or professional, everybody seems to be dependent on laptops for their work.

Laptops are of great importance which is in everybody’s use. Every second person sitting next to you would be using a laptop.

Such usable gadget of the 21st century, whenever stops functioning, calls for emergency. Emergency as in it requires immediate help and guidance. You feel being suffocated because all your valuable data) images, songs, videos, movies, official stuff) lies in that minimized gadget.

What happens when your laptop devices don't turn on at all?

In this article, we are trying to eradicate the most common hardware problem. We want to tell you about the importance of laptop repairing. Generally, while starting the laptop, you realize that the laptop did not open. It creates trouble. You do not know how to troubleshoot the problem or repair it.  
It is quite similar to the situation when you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, the light does not turn on.

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Even after pushing on the power button of your laptop, you observe that there is no change as such. You feel that your laptop is completely dead as it is not working. There is no sound, flashing of light. There is no indication of a laptop being started up.

What can be the possible defaults or problems?

After consulting a laptop-repairing engineer, you will get to know the common hardware problems faced. These are the main reason why Laptop repairing is getting popular these days. Let us study some of the issues and their problems one by one:

Problem 1: Maybe the issue is not that serious, the way you are taking. It might also be the case that there was some major problem occurred in your laptop. Probably, the AC adapter has failed. It might be possible that the battery is not charged and that is why it is not opening.

Solution: In this case, you should test the AC adapter with a voltmeter. And somewhere, if you feel that it is dead, then the only option left is to replace the older one with a new one.

Problem 2: Another reason that the laptop is not turning on, might be due to the failure of DC jack. If it fails, in that case, the motherboard doesn’t receive any power from the adapter.

Solution: The only solution for this defect is to change the DC jack. The jack has to be replaced at once. Only then the problem can be solved.

Problem 3: In case, your motherboard fails, what will you do? It is the main nerve of a laptop.

Solution: In such a case, the motherboard has to be replaced. And in case, you are financially sound plus your motherboard is not that expensive, I would suggest, this is the right time to purchase a new laptop.

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