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The Next Race: Galaxy S7 or LG G5 Design?

Both brands, Samsung and LG, known for launching their next phone in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, are heading for appreciation. The two biggest phones – Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are all set to come in front of each other for the race of better mobile design and sale.


S7 is slightly thicker owing to a larger battery this year. However, LG G5 does not stand too far in the competition. The width is 6 percent with 5 percent height.

Body Build:

S7 follows the body build of S6 and have glass aluminum with a curved back. On the other hand, LG has an all-metal unibody appearance without any plastic or glass. LG phone has build add-on such as a physical photography control camera grip, second battery, Hi-Fi Music player that can also be played without the phone.

Colors Available:
Here, consumers can choose 3 top colors while choosing Galaxy S7. On the other side, LG G5 has four colors in total available with new entrant pale pink.

The Display Look:

With 8% bigger display, LG G5 wins the display race. For all those who want to handle a bigger sized display screen, you need to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge having a 5.5-inch screen.

The display, look, and comfortable design are what consumers would love to hold! So, to know who wins the race is left on the users only!

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