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Why Windows 10 Mobile are best for Business

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If somebody asks why Microsoft Windows 10 mobiles are priced too high, then it is the time to review the difference! Difference between mobile designed for common users to business users. Difference that speaks about needs for a laymen to high-end requirement of an entrepreneur. Microsoft Windows 10 Smartphone offers something extra to the customers. Moreover, it has selected a distinct line of mobile users – the Business Class.

Windows 10 Mobile for Business Purposes:

The Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela at Citi Global Technology comments, “We know business customers want a very, very secure phone that‘s incredibly good at calendar management, at email, at productivity, and Skype for business, etc. These mobile phones are not just for business but also for everyone looking to start-up business in the coming years. The following points mark up as how these mobile phones are better for business.

ü  The Microsoft Smartphone is concentrating on providing iris recognition instead of fingerprint scanners used in iPhone and Android handsets. You just have to look at the screen and the handset will get unlocked.

ü  The Window Hello system can unlock or let you sign in the, the Onedrive and the active directory. All the web apps for a business are managed by Azure AD, which supports more than 2500 SSO services.

ü  Windows 10 brings forth a more pro-active approach to present business related information with more speed, intelligence, and personal organization. The Cortana will help you to react, speak, or remind some important information related to the person already in your dynamics systems.

ü  Based on your reminder set in Cortana, you can reach a place on time, leave for the next meeting, or can open other important information.

ü  With the help of Cortana synchronizing information, you can enjoy the unified messages between PCs and the phones in Windows.

From the above, it is quite evident that today Windows 10 mobile features are not just about playing games, calling or instant internet connections but about a step ahead in future. There are businesspersons who want something creative and digital to take care of their daily activities. For example, instead of professional assistant Windows 10 mobile phones are enough for maintaining records, reminders or managing various tasks.

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