Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Microsoft First Ever Surface Book Laptop

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Microsoft’s new Surface Book laptop hit the market for the first time ever. The release has created a lot of buzz amongst the customers. It is sold out in Amazon and to receive the order you will have to wait for 3 to 5 weeks. However, still the book is too popular in the town owing to its design, quality and built. 
Microsoft Surface Book Laptop
According to a Microsoft spokesperson, it is the first laptop that is built specifically for Windows 10. No doubt, the laptop has been design beyond the imagination by allowing the users to use it without attached mouse and keyword. It is what we will call an ultimate Windows laptop with unique features.

The first ever launched laptop by Microsoft is converting into big success. The result is that many users have actually started comparing the laptop with the Apple’s Macbook series. The surface book is a laptop first and secondly a tablet. It is having a screen that pops in and out of the clipboard. Although, it is not easy to use convertible laptops but this new surface book actually feels like we are having a regular laptop in our lap.

The Microsoft’s laptop is thankfully a convertible device that uses a new type of hinge. Everything used in the devices is of high quality right from the keyboard, front camera, rear camera, track pad and much more. It can be easily used for 12 hours continuously. The screen comes with a surface pen that can be put on the right side of the screen. There is no chance of losing the pen since it has magnetic holding system.

The user can easily use the same as the new drawing mode. However, the system is expensive and is used for serious and powerful computing. It is expensive and can be used for a variety of high-end functions. To purchase this surface laptop order from the Microsoft store or through online store.

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