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Laptop Research News: Welcome Quantum Dot Monitor

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People know Philips as an Electronics maker that innovate a variety of items! But, this time it has surprised everyone by introducing the world’s first ever the quantum dot monitor in Europe.  laptop chip level repairing institute in Delhi looks at this new monitor featuring 99% Adobe RGB color accuracy.   

Quantum Dot Monitor
Quantum Dot Monitor

Quantum Dot Monitor:

It has full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution. It is worth to know that it is the result of collaboration between the Philips and QD Vision. Color IQ technology is used in the monitor that use quantum dots. Quantum dots are semiconductors nanocrystals that are engineered in a way to emit light in varied colors. The dots are quite stable and do not wear out over time.

Stefan Sommer (MMD) who markets Philips LCD said “Quantum dot technology is changing the way monitor users think about color, the new 27” E line monitor”. To be precise, the price budget is aggressive and quality deliverance is awesome. 

According to Hi-Tech laptop repairing training institute in Patna, each institute that works on a laptop or computer technology courses must emphasize the device features and the new market inventions. Most of the desktops present only 70% of RGB color spectrum.  
But, with quantum dot monitor you will get 99% RGB standard. Further, the cost is very low and hence it is good to take enjoyment in a full HD color screen. This monitor will be available in Europe from this month only 2015. The global monitor industry is all set to go to a big change.

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The Vice President of QD Vision says, “The superior color of our edge-lit quantum dots and the strong price performance characteristics make them an ideal catalyst for positive disruption in the global monitor industry.” He also adds, “Our close collaboration with Philips monitors brought this full gamut color monitor to European consumers.” 

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