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How to Change Windows 10 Default Settings

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Change Windows 10 Default setting with easy Steps

Yes, we do not make enough efforts to check the settings, after installing any update, OS, or application. However, later on, we realize that it is must to customize things. 

Here, we will also focus on one of those issues that cover how to change Windows to 10 default settings.

 Try Advance Option to Stop Automatic Restart:

Although, there is nothing wrong with the simultaneous updates unless the system does not reboot all the time. To stop the same, you can reschedule the automatic restart. Go to the start menu, and then to the automatic update. 

Here, in the window select the option of Notify to schedule restart.

Stop the Notification Hub:

Window 10 has a complete notification hub named as Action Center. It is inclusive of all the information that is important to keep a check. 

But, an instant pop up can easily distract your attention hence you can turn it off by following simple steps. 

  • Go to start menu and search notifications.
  •  In the display window, you toggle off show app notification.

 Claiming Free Space :

It is worth to know that when any user upgrades from Window 8 to 10 then the OS covers a huge space. The reason, it saves the old version in the hard drive so that if you need to switch back then you can do it within 30 days. 

However, if you feel that Windows 10 is perfect then you can delete the old version. 

For the same, open the start menu, and go to the disk clean up. Scan the drive (Window is installed) and then after completion clean up the files.

You can disable the keylogger by selecting privacy settings and disable the option, ‘Send Microsoft info about how I write to help use improve typing and writing in the future’. 

After this find the option Speech, Inking and typing menu and finally toggle off ‘Stop Getting to Know Me’. Switching to default settings is no more a big deal hence keep using Windows 10 at your comfort level. 

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