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Get a Quick Review on Window 10

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The date 29 July is over and now people are free to install the most awaited Windows 10 into their laptops and desktops. If you are already using the Windows then it is going to be a free update so check it out!

Window 10 Review
Window 10 Review
The Next Windows:

Named as Window 10, it is said to be the next Window for Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Laptops, and several other mobile hybrid devices. The developers have tried to make it a hub for mobile and cloud computing in an easy way. Nearly 4 million users tested it before it was finally launched worldwide.

The First Look:

The first screen pretty much looks like the start-up menu with a list of software and apps on the front. Although, it seems that start menu is improved and clear. On the left side, the user will have the most commonly used apps quite similar to the Window 7. Going towards the bottom panel, we have all apps short-cuts, settings, power etc. All-in-all, start menu can be customized as you can resize it, rearrange or even make the desired group of tiles the way you want!

The touch screen use of start-up menu is apt for the tabs. However, the users are free to use the menu on the laptop or desktop without the touch features. The best part is here you can pin the specific function or feature tiles instead of pinning or creating a shortcut of the whole apps.

The New Cortana:

For Window phone users, cortana will be quite familiar. It is inserted in the Window 10 as the search feature to work like a superstar machine. Just enter one related word and the system will bring forth the complete list of related apps, files, settings, and much more. To make use of this you have the two options either to type or to ask! Now it’s not just the search and find tool but a step ahead. For example, you can set the reminder and relate it to places and tasks, like remind me to wash my blue skirt when I reach home. Cortana is a one-stop tool for your meetings, today’s weather and if allowed Cortana can take the information direct from the emails and let you know the flight numbers and delay information.

The overall approach of Windows 10 is to offer something that can let you reach the final destination within seconds. The only part on which you need to work is to fix bugs and if that done, Window 10 users will fall into the habit of using the same Window OS!      

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