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Secure Information on Laptop before Sending It to the Repairing Center

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Secure your laptop from data theft before sending it to Repair

Your laptop may contain personal information of the current project, your ATM pin, details of your friends, etc. This is because we all love keeping our personal and professional stuff on the laptops but what if you need to repair it from a repairing center? 

Who knows that after doing a laptop repairing course, the technician will follow the ethical way! We are not saying that laptop technicians are eager to see your personal details, but laptop repairing is a broad procedure. 

It may include anything- dissembling of the laptop, formatting the windows or reinstalling the operating system that may damage your files placed on the desktops. 

Further, nobody wants to make his personal or even official information accessible to anyone, not even a laptop engineer. 

Therefore, it is advised to follow the below simple steps before sending the laptop to the repairing center.

·         Cloud Your Important Files:

The best way to keep your file secure is to provide cloud storage to the files. Cloud storage is new in trend but is effective, safe, easy, and accessible. Students trained in laptop repairing course are told about securing their personal files. 

Some of the examples of cloud storage system are Dropbox, Google Drive and many more. Even if your laptop is in repairing process, you can access all the important files from any other system.

·         Always Keep The Back-Up Ready:

You never know when laptop technician will format files, system, and even windows. Creating backup data is not much difficult. Even a student pursuing chip level laptop repairing course in Delhi can secure his data in a file. You can use a USB pen drive in case you do not have time to follow any other work. You can also restore the window according to the previous choice.

·         Encrypt All Sensitive Files:

Sensitive files may include your credit/debit card statements, marks of your exams, electricity bill, and other things. These files are important but sensitive as well. Hence, the best way to secure it is to encrypt the files. 

Encryption means that you can change the format of the information on the files such that no one can understand. However, you can obviously send the algorithm to your loyal friend or partner so that he can decode it later. People trained in advanced software laptop repairing course can also decode it. This way you can keep the record of the file off-track and safe.

·         Disable Your Window Password:

It is true that the laptop technician will need to reboot the PC. However, it is wise to disable the window login password of your laptop rather than writing and giving them to the engineers. 

Giving a password to anyone is not a good idea simplylet laptop technicians trained in laptop repairing course access your laptop
If you have secured every important folder, file, image or an infographic then you do not have to take tension about anything. 

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