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Install Top 5 Android Earthquake Alert Apps Today!

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Android Earthquake Alert Apps

Android is not just an operating system for playing games, watching a video and listening to songs. This operating system can help you to access quick information about natural disaster – The Earthquake. Android OS Smartphone has a list of android apps and installation of these apps can help you to know, share and spread alerts at the disaster time. 

In this blog, we have focused on top android earthquake alert apps, considering the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hits Nepal on 25 April 2015.

Earthquake Alert App
Earthquake Alert App

1.      Earthquake Alerter:

This Free App pushes alerts and notifications of the earthquake all over the world. Earthquakes having a magnitude of 3.5 and more are covered. Android mobile users can install this app and receive alerts in the form of messages. You can filter the alerts to know about the earthquake near your location, or worldwide. 

Decide the radius by setting the custom alerts. This app requires 2.2 Android to run and provide major information on location, date and time along with magnitude.

2.     Earthquake Alerts:

The Earthquake Alerts App presents all-in-one details of the earthquake. Here you can see the 4.5-magnitude earthquake worldwide. The size of this app varies with the device. After installing this app, you can filter the information according to your need such as map shows, info on USGS site, alerts, and pushes notifications, satellite view of the map, social media sharing and much more.

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3.     Earthquake Monitor Ex:

This app notifies earthquakes especially in Japan through alarm, voice, or vibrator before the motion. It is inclusive of features like viewing real-time images of the waveform and notification/alert of the earthquake.  You can alter the alarm sound according to your choice to get EEW (Earthquake Early Warnings) issued by JMA that is Japan Meteorological Agency. To use this app one just has to register to the notification server!

4.     EQ Info – Global Earthquakes:

EQ Info App retrieves the latest earthquake information through various agencies such as USGS, IGN, EMSC and many more. It has no ads and provides the details through interactive maps. It has a filtering option of the information based on depth, time, place, magnitude, etc. You can receive the background updates, alerts and can share the same.", vipin Joshi

5.     Latest Quakes:

Latest Quakes provide a complete list of earthquakes happened in the last 7 days. You can view a map and filter the information based on date, distance, and magnitude. You can also post the information to social media like Facebook or share it through Twitter, Gmail, etc. All the data is retrieved from USGS. This app will launch alerts and notification feature in the next version.

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