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4 Ways to Lock Your Laptop Data

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Secure your Laptop Data

So, you have a laptop and you are quite possessive about it! It could be because you have saved secret password of G mail or any credit card information. But, what if you forget your laptop somewhere? I am sure you have not thought like this. 

It is normally because we don’t put efforts in making our laptop data secure. The most we can do is to hide the folder in different drives. In this blog, I will tell you 4 ways to lock your laptop data. By this, you can make your data secure from the unauthorized access.

lock your laptop data

Try Physical Laptop Lock:

If you haven’t thought about trying physical laptop lock then start trying it. This is a simple lock but could save your data in becoming accessible in seconds. You will find small lock slots available that can be tied to an immovable object to prevent laptop snatching from thieves. Although, you will find it stupid but leaving your laptop just like has more prone to theft than with a physical laptop lock!

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Explore BIOS Password:

BIOS (Basic input/output) password is the authenticated information that is required to log in the laptop or computer. It is helpful especially when the person who has stolen your laptop is not a tech-savvy person.

It is a chip on laptop motherboard having software to identify the hardware. It instructs to lock the operating system making the data inaccessible for the other user.

Advanced Bit Locker:

If you use Ultimate & Enterprise version of Window 7, Window Vista or Window 8 then you will find this advance Bit Locker. It provides encryption without which any person cannot boot the laptop or find what is on the drive. 

You will see several companies having BIT lock on their computers to prevent the data breach.

Basic Window Password:

It is nothing but a simple window password that helps in log-in and log-out process. But, most of the people don’t even care about using this very basic feature. It is difficult to change a window password in Window Vista and Window 7.

At last, I can say that there is no reason that you don’t try out these tools which can provide your data secure and safe accessibility. There is other software too but understanding their application is not easy for everyone. Hence, if you want to start initiating steps to save your laptop data use the above-explained ways!

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