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How to Resolve Android Mobile Freezing Problems?

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Mobile Freezing Problems

Android mobile freezing problems are quite common and irritating! At times, when you need your mobile, it gets hanged or the screen freezes on one window. It may happen either because too many applications are running at the back end or your software is corrupted. 

Whatever be the reason it is important to fix this solution for the smooth working of the mobile. 

"Try out some of the basic steps as for how to resolve android mobile freezing problems within minutes. But, as soon as you realize the root cause don’t repeat that mistake again."

Mobile battery problem

Switch off & remove the battery:

When the mobile screen freezes then instead of pressing any button randomly, just switch off your mobile. Most of the Android handsets have a direct switch on /off keys or power key on the top or side of the mobile. 

After switching it off, remove the battery and keep it aside for few minutes. After few minutes, put the battery back into the phone and restart. Nowadays you will find non-removable batteries too. For such phone, you can click on the restart option but after some minutes.

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  • Restart & delete extra storage:

As soon as you restart your phone check what’s your storage in phone setting. See how much is your system memory, used space, cached data, miscellaneous files, and available space. Also, have a look at data storage capacity in your memory card, if mounted. 

By analyzing all these factors you can easily conclude that too much media and other files might have to freeze your screen! Now, the only thing you have to do is to delete cached data, unnecessary HTML and other files.

laptop repairing course

  • Check software updates:

A mobile does get hanged when they are running on the previous or old version of the operating system. Android system needs frequent upgrades hence if you are unable to do then you may face the issue of mobile freezing. 

To avoid it keep your system up-to-date but don’t forget to close the running applications. Remember, you have installed the important updates only not everything which is suggested in general.

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