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How to Fix Common Handset Problems

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Mobile phone problems

Are you fed up of spending a lot of money on mobile phone repairing? Your answer obviously will be a big yes. Well, with the advent of advance operating systems and multiple features you need to take extra care of your mobiles. But, still you may feel surrounded with problems like spilling water on mobile screen, overheating of the battery, broken screens and many more.

The only way to get out of these problems is to visit service centers. However, if you want to avoid this option you can learn and follow some of the basic steps to fix common handset problem. You can try out some of the quick tips and tricks and see whether everything is fine.

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Water-Damaged Phone

Water spills, submerge, and dropping of cell phones in water is one of the most frequent occurring incidents. At times, water and other liquids enter inside our phone either from the battery point (micro-USB port) or the case. But, if you are sure that the quantity of water is less you can follow some easy tips. A very famous remedy is to first fill a bag of plastic with rice. If you don’t have a plastic bag you can take a covered container but its better if it is transparent.

Put your cell phone inside the bag since the basic idea is of water absorption with the grains. Another interesting solution is to immerse it in 99% alcohol. In addition to it, you can remove the battery and keep the phone in the sunlight for few hours. It might help in soaking all the water inside system.

Battery Heating Problems 

You will find diverse batteries used for each mobile phone today in the market. The damage in your phone battery may cause a serious problem with your handset. The biggest mistake which we often make is to charge our batteries for longer times which results in battery heating, battery dead, and hang. Hence, before you try anything else try to charge your mobile phone with a different charger.

If it is still heating than replace the old batteries. One can also check the internal problem in the phone batteries if you are being trained in hi-tech mobile technology. Try to see the charging port, if it is being damaged or working rightly.  

Phone Hang:

Hanging of phone normally happens if keep on charging your mobile phone for longer hours or forget to close the running applications. We often forget to close the running applications in the backhand through the task manager.

This may damage your mobile operating system causing a serious software issue. Hence, if your mobile phone is getting hanged or is not responding than it is always suggested to close all the applications, clear cache data and restart the entire system.

 Apart from these basic tips you can also do a mobile repair course from reputed institutes to know more the mobile repairing techniques.

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