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Freedom 251 Smartphone Website Crashed Due to traffic load, Will Resume in 24 Hours

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Experience the Freedom with Rs. 251 Smartphone! Yes, the tagline, the graphics, and promotion all are enough to allure millions of people to the site: Started today that is on 18th Feb 2016, 6 AM onwards, the booking received out-of –the way response. As per the sources, the site got crashed or unable to reach the payment mode owing to 6 lakh hits per second! Although, it is said that the company, Ringing Bells Private Limited, will resume the sale of world‘s cheapest phone within 24 hours only!

For those, you are still confused; here we have gathered some important facts related to Freedom 251 Smartphone.

What is Freedom 251?

Ringing Bells Private Limited, a Noida based company launched Freedom 251 – the phone priced just Rs. 251. This cheap price range made all the hype in the country representing a big revolution in the mobile industry. Like Mobile online sales, Freedom 251 booking is available through the website. The company as per the sources is involved in importing of mobile pare parts but is all set to become a major market player in the country.

So, Why Buy Freedom 251?

Imagine getting a touch screen mobile at such a ridiculous price tag is not a deal to miss! Further, not just the touch sensitivity but it has other interesting features too.
Technical Specifications Freedom 251:
  • 4 Inch Wide Display
  • 1 GB RAM – Enough according to price
  • 1.3 GHz Quad Processor
  • 8GB Storage with 32 GB expandable storage too
  • Android based Interface!
  • 3.2 MP rear and 0.3 MP front camera

In short, India users will not only get simple features of dialing call or listen the music but also will get more then average features in this Smartphone. Although, the sale is attractive and is successfully driving many visitors impatient to buy this phone, but, you must see some facts.

Some Facts about Freedom 251

All that glitters is not gold and for many this sale represents the same. Some facts highlighted here will definitely leave you wondering whether to buy or not to buy the phone!
  • There is no such successful history Record of the Company Ringing Bells Private Limited.
  • The company was launched recently in 2015 only.
  • The sale of Freedom 251 has no Return Policy.
  • Expected date is not mentioned, only an approximate time of 4 months is mentioned on the website.
  • Rs.40 will be the plus shipping charges for the unit.
  • The website was created on 10 Feb only

So, before you get too excited to buy Freedom 251, carefully decide because even if it is Rs. 251, money and expectations should never go waste!

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