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3 Top News from the Mobile World in India

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Top News 

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In this particular blog, we are sharing the top 3 important updates that are worth to know for everyone. Let us get a deep insight into the news.

3 Top Hi-Tech News from the Mobile World in India

New1# Google Play Store all set to for New Design!

Google’s software engineer named Kirill Grouchnikov, posted the photos of the Google Play redesigned structure in which users will see two separate tabs – Entertainment and Apps and Games. 

The new design will have top options like categories, top charts, new releases, and much more. It also has an RTL support (language support).

News 2# 1.01 Billion Telephone Subscribers- TRAI

According to the latest TRAI report, there are more than 1.01 billion wireless subscribers in India. The data is the August 2015 report that shows about 885.9 million customers active in the month of August. 

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The dominating telecom for landline phones is again BSNL and MTNL because of affordable and free schemes. 

News 3# Welcome Facebook Townhall in India

Mark Zuckerberg will host a Facebook Townhall in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi on 28 October 2015.  The town hall will have question and answers on various issues that will enlighten the students. 

According to Mark, he is looking forward to hearing one of those 130 million Facebook users in India. 

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